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Front-end data analysis makes us different

We specialize in predictive data modeling to identify the greatest untapped growth opportunities for our clients. This approach informs strategies and inspires creativity to drive business results.


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The hardest-working concept in show business for Galliprant

Nothing celebrates the joy of having your dog being active again like the music of James Brown. And nothing drives brand engagement like best-in-category creative.


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Using the power of advanced analytics to win at retail

Brands must provide their retail partners with value above great product, at a great price. We arm our clients with actionable data insights to help them gain traction at retail.


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“I’ve worked with agencies throughout my entire career, and Callahan is one of the best. They are strong strategically and help push our thinking to a new level. They are proactive in bringing forward new ideas – and responsive and responsible in executing campaigns and programs. Additionally, they are very budget conscious and manage the dollars and cents well.”

Joe Holman, Director, US Consumer Marketing, 
Elanco Animal Health

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Retail strategy Q&A: Assortment planning–Just the facts

What is assortment planning, how do buyers consider this approach and how long have stores been implementing it to make decisions on inventory?

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Alternative data: What is it and what is its role in marketing?

What is third-party or alternative data and how is it applicable to your marketing? Learn how it plays a role in your analytics and why you should use it carefully.

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Forecasting Facebook’s future trends

Ben Smith, Callahan’s Director of Social and Emerging Media, shares his insight and perspective on the overall health of Facebook, its coverage in news, and what emerging trends could shape future marketing tactics.