2020 happened. Now what?

Congratulations, 2020 is behind us. Chances are, your brand has now truly learned the extent of its capabilities, pressure-tested processes, and is keenly aware how quickly it can react to change. After a year like that, now what?

It’s time to maximize your brand’s growth.

Since leaving my corporate retail buying job, I get asked a lot, “What is it that you do now?”  From my perspective, the answer is pretty straightforward. I help brands find opportunities to grow. While retail analytics, market data, and consumer insights will vary for each brand, the paths for growth are consistent. However, after a year of answering all the big questions and addressing massive shifts in consumer behavior, it’s challenging to step back from the big questions to address opportunities in the new year. To help maximize what’s in front of you for 2021, I’ve created a checklist to assist you.

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