In 2022, Callahan celebrated 40 years of pursuing aha. We wanted to celebrate this milestone, but the big aha for us was that very few people really care about an advertising agency’s birthday. So, we decided that rather than throwing a party lavish of self-indulgence, we’d celebrate other business that call Lawrence, Kansas home. Callahan gave away $40,000 to local businesses that inspire us and share our values. You can see their stories here.

Episode 1


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In the first of four films, we celebrate our value of Courage. We know firsthand that it takes a lot of courage to run a business, whether you’ve been open for 40 minutes or 40 years, and we want to help these young entrepreneurs as they connect generations through the power of nostalgia. In 2020, twin brothers Tae-Vheon and Sae-Vheon Alcorn retired from the KU track team to focus on their futures. With a passion for entrepreneurship and a history of a million followers on Vine, they took that knowledge to found and run the online vintage clothing company @The Vintage Hawks. There, they curate and sell KU gear from the 80’s, 90’s, and 00’s.

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Episode 2


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In the second film, we celebrate our value of Respect by highlighting @lfk_press founder and owner Leslie Kuluva as our second recipient of $10,000. Leslie created the LFK, or Lawrence F*ing Kansas, moniker while touring the country supporting her favorite bands. She would tag LFK anywhere she could to share her love and the spirit of Lawrence. LFK grew into a community-wide rallying cry, but Leslie’s part in the story got lost somewhere along the way. As creators ourselves, we believe it’s important to respect artistic ownership by giving credit where it’s due. There’s no question that Leslie has made a huge contribution to the community with LFK. And we think that’s pretty F*ing cool.

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pet world employee showing a young girl a snake

Episode 3

Pet World Experience • Curiosity

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Our third film features Pet World Experience co-owner Sherry Emerson. Along with her husband Tim, Sherry works to inspire kids’ curiosity about animals. Pet World Experience partners with local schools to provide classroom pets and offers summer camps where kids ages 3-10 can learn about animals and nature firsthand. As a dual-license pet store and exotic animal shelter, they are uniquely positioned to cultivate compassionate curiosity among children. Callahan also believes in the power of curiosity. Our client partnerships are strengthened by tapping into our own curious natures. A love of learning opens new ways for us to serve those we work with and the Lawrence community.

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Episode 4


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In our fourth and final film, Meg Heriford shares her story as the owner of Ladybird Diner in Lawrence. Meg exemplifies generosity by nourishing as many people as possible, regardless of the ability to pay. During the pandemic, she handed out more than 60,000 free sack lunches with the help of donations and volunteers from the community. Callahan is inspired by Meg’s continuous generosity and commitment to our community. We are not ashamed to care. About each other, our profession and our community.

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