A look under the hood of the Callahan Intelligence Platform

How it helps uncover unexpected business opportunities

The Callahan Intelligence Platform is an always-on service that helps clients be smarter, faster, and focuses on business outcomes rather than just marketing metrics. It’s a unique combination of technologies to gather, house and visualize data in a way that’s truly useful for making real-time marketing decisions that produce results.

This white paper is written for CMOs and other senior marketing decision makers who want to:

  • Understand technologies required to assemble a smarter marketing analytics system and how they work together for optimum results.
  • Learn how beginning with sales data focuses insights on business outcomes and not just typical marketing KPIs.
  • Recognize the importance of human analysis in the equation.

We explain how data is identified, transferred, stored, combined with other third-party data sources, and visualized in a way that makes human analysis more effective. But more than typical marketing data analysis, the Intelligence Platform is an extremely effective tool to uncover untapped business opportunities hiding in data.