Analyzing weather data to drive locally-targeted marketing results

We help our clients target their marketing spend for the exact time and location people are primed for purchase — in this case, by using smart weather data analysis to predict local sales spikes.

The problem: Sales of our clients’ brand, a consumer mosquito-control product, were clearly impacted by weather patterns, since mosquitoes are more prevalent during rainy weather. A conventional media plan would have oversimplified the issue by advertising their products the same way in every retail location throughout the spring months. Our client needed a more targeted approach that would use their marketing dollars wisely.



The solution: Using our CALLAHAN INTELLIGENCE PLATFORM, we analyzed the national daily sales numbers for our client’s mosquito-control product at the individual retail store level. Then we looked at day-by-day weather data at the zip code level. As expected, we saw broad seasonal sales trends from late spring into summer and early fall across the country. But when we looked deeper into the data, we discovered a specific relationship between rainfall and sales, of which our client wasn’t previously aware.

The aha:

We uncovered that in zip codes across the country, an inch of rain consistently correlated to a sales spike exactly one to two weeks later.

This insight allowed us to initiate what we call trigger-based advertising where we have an established media plan and target, and we wait for a specific trigger event to happen before we deploy the campaign ads.


The result:

We successfully aligned our client’s media deployment to take advantage of local sales spikes, honing in on differences from state to state and even from one side of the city to another. We’ve analyzed enough granular data to know when to advertise to the north side of Atlanta and when to advertise to the south side of Atlanta. It’s really that specific.


Now, when one inch of rain falls in a zip code, it triggers our geo-targeted digital media in those exact locations. It’s the ultimate implementation of the maxim, “advertise when people are buying.” We promote our client’s brand at the precise time people are looking for mosquito-control products, because we know the weather conditions are creating consumer demand.

This means our clients’ money is being spent only when (and where) it will lead to increased sales and ROI.

Services this client used:

  • Front-end data analysis with our INTELLIGENCE PLATFORM
  • Geo-targeted digital media planning
  • Trigger-based advertising

Weather data analysis is just one way our clients can use data-driven, trigger-based advertising to increase sales and ROI. Knowing that potential customers will be looking for certain products in specific locations at particular times can inform in-store POS, sampling programs, special offers, etc. The possibilities are endless.

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