two employees talking and working on laptops

We are committed to diversity and inclusion

Callahan is in the business of applying creativity to solve problems. We recognize that the backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives of our staff play an influential role in that pursuit. This is why we strive to attract an employee base that reflects the real world, including people of different ethnicities, races, religions, genders, sexual orientation, physical disabilities, ages, educational backgrounds, social classes, and beyond.

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion includes a three-pronged approach: diversity and inclusion-related training for our staff, changes to our talent-recruitment processes, and transparency to ensure accountability. We sponsor and partner with a growing list of organizations and we publicly share the racial demographics of our company as a commitment to change.

Our company makeup should reflect the world that we live in. We have a long way to go but we are committed to making that happen. - Chris Marshall, CEO

Our vision in action

Callahan’s business unit, TOYOTA CAPS (Creative and Print Services), updated their bid process to include more diverse vendors and supported an RFP that helped increase Toyota’s diversity supply base by over 30%. CAPS received the Toyota internal 2019 Indirect Procurement Shared Services Supplier Award as a result of these efforts. This recognition serves to remind us of the importance of our continued commitment to diversity and inclusion.