How to increase engagement with behind-the-scenes content

Pro MarkFor specialty brands that are present and active in the social media world, creating, curating and delivering valuable content is a non-stop – and sometimes cumbersome – effort. The social platforms are so busy, crowded, and cluttered that it can seem difficult to get your content noticed.

Since all brands have access to the same handful of social platforms, it’s important to note that the types of content you deliver can help you stand out and drive consumer engagement. Here are just a few ideas, admittedly all inspired by drum-related brands that I follow, to get you thinking about different ways to create and deliver more valuable, engaging content for your brand.

Many of the brands I follow keep my interest by taking me where I otherwise could not go by way of their social content. Through the use of easily accessible photo and video technology (GoPro cameras, for example), brands are able to capture content from a perspective that a consumer could not get on their own.

For example, a camera can be stuck directly onto an instrument during a soundcheck to capture an artist playing before a show. What was once “no public access” territory is now an exclusive, behind-the-scenes event that will satisfy the curiosity of consumers. You can also pique consumer interest by showing innovative, different and new ways to use your product and interact with your brand.

Many brands are delivering posts that involve well-known artists who are using, talking about and demonstrating their products. Here’s an example from Mapex Drums. This content gives value to consumers while also serving to inspire new ideas for their own interactions with the brand and it’s products. This approach is certainly applicable to any customizable product, and providing a first hand look at how others use a product can help build excitement and knowledge among both new and long-time customers.

Mapex Drums
Another idea is to employ a periodic series or feature. Delivering valuable content on a consistent basis can build anticipation and help ingrain the consumption of that content into your consumers’ routines.

To take this a step further, wouldn’t it be cool to incorporate consumer participation in your series? Social engagement is about a conversation, a back-and-forth exchange. Vic Firth, a drumstick brand, began featuring 15-second video clips of known artists playing with their sticks. They have now opened this feature up to the public and, using the #VF15 hash tag, have received over 100 video submissions in less than two months, garnering thousands of likes and shares.

Not only can this personal connection increase a consumer’s desire to engage with your brand, but it also gives them something of their own to share among their friends. And of course, that shareable content is tied directly back to your brand’s page.

So the next time you’re developing content to post for your brand, consider these ideas and see what you might come up with. How can you satisfy a key point of consumer curiosity? Or, how can you excite loyal customers with a valuable new way to use your product? And in what ways can you drive consumer engagement by allowing them to enhance your posts with posts of their own?

Try multiple approaches, and as always, check out your analytics and see what works best for your brand. Happy posting!


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Video screenshots: Mapex Drums, Vic Firth