Is the collaborative economy the next big thing?

Right now it’s pretty easy for businesses and marketers to see that social media has assumed a dominant role in our daily lives, in how we communicate and how we do business. But from my own experience, being in the middle of it all along, I can tell you that there were many years at the beginning of social media when businesses did not see it coming, or saw it coming and didn’t understand it, and certainly didn’t have any idea that it would impact them to the extent that it has.

None of us wants to blindly go on working as a blacksmith until one day we wake up and there are no more horses to shoe.

But what’s the next thing that’s going to impact us that way?

Some very smart people have their crystal balls focused on the collaborative economy. A few days ago Forbes listed the collaborative economy as the number one item in a post entitled, “Six Things Every CMO Should Be Watching This Year.” Here’s an excerpt:

The Collaborative Economy – also called the sharing economy or collaborative consumption, among other names, the loosely defined movement shares one common denominator: It empowers providers, peers and “consumers” alike to directly interact, do business or engage in transactions. Popular examples include Uber and AirBnB, but they go far beyond that.

Concepts like Uber and AirBnB are starting to get serious traction, and traditional car rental companies and hotels are starting to get nervous.

How might the collaborative economy impact your company, your marketing or your life?

Marketing Crystal Ball

Well, lucky for you we may be able to help you understand the next big thing. You can get ahead of the curve by attending the Resilient Summit, co-hosted by Jeremiah Owyang, Founder and Chief Catalyst of Crowd Companies, and Callahan Creek’s Social Media Director Ben Smith.

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