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Business-changing ideas don’t uncover themselves. These elusive ahas are discovered by insightful, strategic, creative thinkers, and are nurtured by tireless, smart, inventive makers. Whether it’s by one scrappy maverick or a collaboration of the best in the business, we make things happen. Want in on the fun? Then, send your resume/portfolio to, because we want to hear from you.

Current openings in the Lawrence, KS office:

Senior Copywriter

You’re a conceptual thinker. You know how to execute concepts that are memorable and make our clients the envy of their categories. Read More

Senior Production Artist

You’re a rockstar who is responsible for graphic design and pre-production for print and interactive production. Read More

Senior Art Director

You’re a big conceptual thinker who can execute concepts with a visually unique style that makes our clients proud and their competitors envious. Read More

Video Designer

You’re a designer on the move and you can animate anything to communicate an engaging creative idea or tell a story. Read More