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Jan-Eric Anderson

VP, Chief Strategy Officer

As Callahan’s chief strategist, Jan-Eric’s role is to first discover each client’s greatest opportunity for growth, and then articulate how it translates to a communication strategy. Ahas are abundant amongst the teams he leads, including analytics, strategic planning, social media and paid media. He works with nearly everyone in the agency to create meaningful brand experiences that drive results for our clients.

Jan-Eric worked at Starcom Mediavest Group in Chicago for 11 years–one of the largest media agencies in the world–and at Barkley in Kansas City for seven years. He brings valuable experience working with clients that include Wingstop, Blue Bunny, Sonic Drive-Ins, Allstate and the U.S. Army, as well as brands within the MillerCoors and Coca-Cola companies.

As account lead, Jan-Eric supervised the integrated account and media team for Sonic Drive-Ins’ award-winning Two Guys campaign, which prompted his recognition as one of Ingram’s “40 Under 40.”

More recently, Jan-Eric found an insight for Cicis Pizza that revealed an opportunity to shift media dollars from national to specific geo-targeted media. The move has revolutionized the way Cicis utilizes new channels like mobile and social. Business results show positive ROI.

Jan-Eric mostly sees data as boring. But, he loves finding and sharing stories only data can tell.

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