Not Services. Outcomes.

Clients hire us for services. But they don’t really want services, they want outcomes. To get to those outcomes, Callahan has a unique approach that sets us apart from other agencies. Our approach starts with front-end data analysis to help you better understand your consumer, your business and how to market more effectively. Unlike other agencies that use analytics only to measure post-campaign KPIs, we begin with data.

Our Front-End Data Analysis Approach

Have you ever been frustrated when you hit your post-campaign marketing KPIs, yet sales have fallen short?

That frustrated us too, so we invented an approach and invested in technology to solve the problem. It lets us put business outcomes before marketing metrics.

Our Approach

The Callahan Intelligence Platform

This always-on service helps us, help you be smarter, faster. It’s a unique combination of technologies that we customize for each client to continually gather, house and visualize data in a way that’s truly useful for making real-time marketing decisions that produce results.

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We Deliver Inspired Creativity

Data-savvy strategies inspire creativity across all agency disciplines:

  • Brand development
  • Advertising and promotion
  • Social, digital and traditional media
  • Creative, digital and multimedia content
  • UX/web development
  • CRM, email and marketing automation
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The business problems we solve

Callahan’s front-end data analysis approach solves the kinds of problems that keep you up at night.

  • Under pressure to justify your marketing spend?
  • Being asked to do more with less budget?
  • Hitting your marketing KPIs but not your sales goals?

We Can Help

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