We start with front-end data analysis

Unlike other agencies that only use analytics to measure marketing results, we start with data. We gather the most relevant information in our Intelligence Platform, apply world-class analytics and modeling, and create meaningful insights that help our clients make better decisions. Analyzing data first ensures that:

  • We’re solving the right problems.
  • We’re measuring leading indicators of business growth, not just post-campaign media metrics.
  • Our brand strategies are aligned with your business goals.
  • Your marketing dollars are used in ways that have the most impact.

What’s more, we often uncover untapped business opportunities that our clients didn’t know were hiding in their data all along. Those opportunities may include pricing strategies, distribution plans, ecommerce, SKU rationalization, seasonal business programs and more. When we approach it this way, on the back-end, not only do we measure marketing metrics, we also measure business results. Because you want outcomes, not services.

We build marketing programs focused on business results

We don’t have a rigid process. Rather, we use a unique approach that creates a strategic platform focused on business outcomes.

Data-savvy brand strategy: Front-end data analysis combined with consumer and market insights inform a strong strategic foundation.

Inspired creativity: Activating creative, brand and media strategies that are best-in-category leads to measurable business outcomes.

Callahan front-end data approach

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