The Callahan Intelligence Platform

This always-on service helps us, help you be smarter, faster. The platform is a unique combination of technologies that we customize for each client to continually gather, house and visualize data in a way that’s truly useful for making marketing decisions.

We'll help you find the right data

We have extensive experience helping companies navigate their resources to gain access to valuable data wherever it resides — marketing, sales, finance, IT, etc. Then, we carefully organize and house all that data in a secure and powerful AWS database environment. We overlay third-party information sources like search behavior, census data and weather patterns.

Callahan Intelligence Platform Dashboard

Data without intelligence is gibberish

Once the data are organized, our analysts meticulously construct visualizations that make it truly useful. You get 24/7 access to a dashboard where you can see the big picture or drill into the details.

Intelligence Platform learnings, combined with consumer and market insights inspire creativity that leads to business results. That’s what makes our approach different from other agencies.

Take a no-risk test drive with our Marketing Data Audit.

Our Marketing Data Audit is for you, if…

  • You’re a CMO, marketing director or brand manager for a national consumer brand.
  • You’re under pressure to justify your budgets and prove the efficacy of your marketing.
  • You need solid insights that lead to measurable strategies and tactics.
  • You want a no-risk way to learn if Callahan’s Intelligence Platform can help.

Do you face these kinds of challenges?

  • You’ve got a limited marketing budget and you don’t know the best way to spend it.
  • You don’t even know what marketing data you have access to, or how to get to it.
  • You can’t figure out whether what you’re doing is leading to revenue or margin.
  • You’re constantly struggling to defend your marketing budget.

The deliverables

About 30 days after receiving your data, we perform the audit and provide:

  • A data analysis summary report.
  • Insights into new and unique ways to evaluate business performance.
  • Recommendations to leverage those evaluations for more confident planning of marketing objectives, tactics and budget planning, and/or better data management systems.
  • Access to the Callahan Intelligence Platform dashboard, which displays live views of the analyzed data.

What does it cost?


Our guarantee.

We guarantee to uncover insights that can be used to enhance, either (1) your current or future data strategy, or (2) your marketing planning or execution. If you don’t agree that what we find is valuable, we will refund your money.

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