The kinds of problems we solve

You don’t need another agency to provide account management, media planning, creative, digital, social…the list goes on. You need an agency that solves the kinds of problems that keep you up at night and delivers business outcomes.

The kinds of problems we solve using our front-end data analysis approach include:

Strategy and Planning

  • You need new ways to evaluate business performance for smarter and more confident planning of objectives, tactics and budgets for your marketing campaigns.
  • You need to reinvigorate your brand. It’s become stale and less relevant in today’s modern marketing world.
  • You’re getting ready to launch a new product, but don’t know how to ensure success.
  • You don’t know whether to grow the base business or develop new distribution channels.
  • You’re unsure which will drive more business: equal emphasis on all markets/channels or more focus on high-volume markets/channels.

Marketing Spend and ROI

  • You’ve got limited marketing budget and you don’t know the best way to spend it.
  • You can’t figure out whether what you’re doing is leading to revenue or margin.
  • You don’t know whether to distribute spend equally across the business or spend to the opportunity.
  • You’re wasting money somewhere, you just don’t know where.
  • You don’t know which media channels are delivering the best ROI.
  • You want to know if it’s better to increase frequency against current users or drive trial among new users.
  • You’re constantly struggling to defend your marketing budget and need data-informed rationale to justify your spending decisions.

Data and Analytics

  • You know the right data exists in your company, but it’s hard for you to pull together what you need to inform your marketing decisions.
  • You have to go to different departments to get data (finance, sales, research, etc.) and when you finally find it all, it’s hard to connect the dots.
  • You’re wondering what’s going on with transactions — is pricing too high or too low, are there macro economic issues in play?
  • You don’t even know what marketing data you have access to, or how to get to it.
  • You’re stuck in old marketing patterns and can’t find the data you need to change it, and inspire creative new solutions.

Agency Relationships

You don’t need any of your agency relationships to be yet another problem to solve. Do you face these kinds of challenges with your current agency?

  • Your agency is not agile enough to make real-time decisions based on data.
  • They lack true data-analysis capabilities to drive strategy.
  • Your current agency thinks digital, but you really need digital transformation.

Or maybe you just don’t feel that your current agency is as passionate about your business as you want them to be. We’d be happy to connect you with our clients to hear what they think about Callahan’s commitment to their business outcomes.

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