Fifteen haiku suggest 2015 marketing trends

Haiku PenThe year’s end brings a time of reflection. What better way to be reflective than with poetry? And haiku is so Zen. Callahan subject matter experts in various departments across the agency – from research, analytics, strategic planning, traditional and social media to content creation, creative and technical development – share their wisdom about 2015 trends with you here.

It’s all about data

Data, data everywhere but nothing that adds up to actionable insight.

Data creates lines
but doesn’t read between them.
Culture gives context.

Prediction: the privacy debate continues to be meaningless.

Just when do we think
that the data tide will turn
and privacy reign?

Politicians may mess with our Internet access. Or not.

Net neutrality:
should the Internet be free
or regulated?

Social (r)evolution

After a controversial Forrester study questioning the marketing ROI of Facebook and Twitter, this positive spin.

Brands with bad content
will suffer or leave Facebook.
Your News Feed: Rejoice!

Will the New Year see the beginning of social media burnout?

Had my fill of tweets
No nutritional value
O U 8 1 2

Or (more likely) will social media continue to explode and new channels emerge that haven’t even been envisioned yet?

Imagine a world
far beyond the picture square
wide the horizon


What do mobile-optimized websites have in common with New Year’s resolutions?

Trim your website like
you trim your waistline, your mobile
plan will give you thanks

What emerging tech will have the most impact?

Driving folks to shelves
beacons are the new road map 
increasing your sales

Is your digital content optimized to meet the needs of the always-connected, multi-device mobile user

Mobile shift is past!
Good UX is critical.
Ignore at your peril.

Good UX is about testing early and often in development, then testing and retesting in production.

testing will always find some
ways to optimize.


Forbes says CMOs will become chief simplifier officers in 2015. Will we see the forest instead of the trees?

It’s a complex world.
Complexity slows progress.
Time to simplify.

Specialty brands have their own unique trends. For example, these in the pet category.

Dog gyms cat cafés
Tattoos colorful hair dyes
Pets yet more human

Media consumption on multiple screens will continue to fracture advertising’s ability to resonate with the consumer.

Our attention broke
when TV, phone and tablet spoke
and games ruled the day!

Never think you know. Dig deeper for the insights that matter.

Research to find how
your audience is unique
question everything

Staying relevant when the pace of change accelerates in 2015 will take courage.

Innovate always.
Empower and not control.
Embrace, not fear, change.

So there you have it, 2015 predictions in haiku, crowdsourced from Callahan’s own Zen masters. Perhaps you can comment on this post with a haiku of your own?

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