Using the power of weather data to
forecast business results

Weather is a factor that provides a wealth of data-rich business opportunities. Brands can leverage weather forecast data in marketing efforts as both a planning tool and, in some cases, an indicator of when to make real- or near-time campaign adjustments. While the specifics of any weather data implementation or use is unique to each client and use case, the basic best-practices to take advantage of this data is the same.

This white paper provides value to CMOs, marketing decision-makers and analytics specialists who want to:

  • Use weather data to make better marketing decisions.
  • Understand how to evaluate and obtain weather data from free and paid sources.
  • Determine what data points within weather datasets are important to their brand and marketing efforts.
  • Discover the necessary technology stack for weather data.
  • Learn how to tie it all together into meaningful analysis and reporting-tool metrics.

Additionally, this paper reviews two case studies. One that showcases how understanding weather effects impacted a business’ marketing plan, and another that reviews a circumstance when rapidly changing weather conditions were used in real time to boost sales for a product line.

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