The challenge

Evergy is the primary energy provider for 1.6 million customers in a service area that spans eastern Kansas and western Missouri, including Wichita and the greater Kansas City area. Despite a strong operational service offering relative to the national industry average, Evergy’s customer service scores have been sliding in recent years, particularly in the areas of perceived customer service and proactive communication. Our challenge was to leverage personalized communication to improve customer engagement and satisfaction.



We analyzed aggregate payment patterns and household demographic data to segment customers by opportunity, need and risk. We found customers value flexibility and respond well to behavioral nudges that acknowledge their unique needs.


With no direct competition, Evergy’s objective is to establish affinity and loyalty before new competitors inevitably enter the market. Customers appreciate Evergy’s efforts to deliver customer satisfaction, despite the lack of available competitive options.


We reviewed Evergy’s data and discovered their customer satisfaction rating for proactive customer service lagged compared to the industry average. Through smarter automation, customer stress signals could be addressed with need-specific messaging.


We immersed ourselves in Evergy’s robust data model and operational processes to develop technical-ready journey maps. Deliverables included a matrix of behavior logic and corresponding message touchpoints, which were then fully written and designed by our creative team. Performance KPIs and dashboards were also developed by Callahan.


Callahan designed email templates for each segment’s journey, ready for deployment based on the messaging matrix.



Customer Engagement


Energy analyzer engagement


Start service actions


Auto-pay on actions