Issue: Straddling two distinct industries, MGP had a big name but little personality.

Our aha: These food and drink experts really love what they do.

Solution: Feature the passionate experts behind the brand’s quality and innovation to humanize a faceless entity.

Result: Beautiful portraits in a category lacking creativity had great stopping power, boosted lead generation and even internal morale.

MGP Ingredients began distilling alcohol over 75 years ago and is the leading US supplier of rye whiskey and gin. The company entered the food market over 30 years ago and is now a leading supplier of wheat-based ingredients in that industry as well.

Before Callahan, MGP struggled to find the connective tissue between these two distinctively different divisions. Plus, while industry insiders knew the name, few had a meaningful connection to the brand or what it stood for.

The aha was clear to us. The company’s passionate, innovative people are what sets MGP apart. Showing the emotion behind their expertise humanized this faceless entity. In B2B categories full of generic product shots, our campaign featured heroic portraits of employees with headlines showing their commitment.

The campaign launched in 2018 and has already had a significant impact on traffic and lead generation. We’re excited to track its long-term effect on sales goals.

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“Together we were able to humanize our brand and connect emotionally with the personal drive of our audience. Success!”

Greg Manis
Corporate Director of Communications