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The Un-boring Bean Brand

Let’s be honest, the second-to-last thing people think about in their day-to-day lives is what brand of beans they’re going to buy. Which leads to shoppers mindlessly throwing either the cheapest brand or the one they’ve purchased for years in their carts. But Serious Bean Co is on a mission to provoke flavor-seekers to consider beans like never before – a place to experiment, explore and express their culinary adventures. This gave birth to the one and only Un-boring bean brand.


Sales lift at Walmart during bean season


Monthly Pinterest viewers growth


Consistent brand voice

ACE of taste

Facebook and Instagram icons

A food brand’s social feed should be a bright, beautiful feast for the eyes. We brought Serious Beans line of fun, funky flavors to life with a colorful bean mascot named ACE, vibrant packaging, and quick, delicious bites of content.

Serious Beans social images Serious Beans social images

A recipe for engagement

Pinterest icon

We use Pinterest as an extension of our paid efforts to dynamically retarget flavor-seekers. Recipe pins take our hungry audience to the Serious Beans website and set them up to receive more relevant content on Facebook and Instagram.

Pinterest images for Serious Beans Pinterest images for Serious Beans

(Dude) Perfect partnership

Dude Perfect logo

The Dudes are big believers in deliciousness. They helped us create and launch our newest palate puncher – one we call Batch 5. It’s the Perfect Bean.

Dude Perfect social images Dude Perfect social images
Serious Beans over campfire

Crafting Community

With good community management and subtle messaging shifts, you can cater a brand to more than one audience. Serious Beans audience segmentation revealed that our target was a mix of middle-aged women shopping at big box retailers and millennial men exploring side-dish excitement. Fun fact: both groups are fluent in Flavor.

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Depiction of Serious Beans social media management comments


Sales lift at Walmart


Monthly Pinterest viewers growth


Consistent brand voice