Issue: Trying to build loyalty and flooding customers’ inboxes wasn’t working.

Our aha: Less really is more.

Result: Open rates jumped 10%, and Sprint saw an incredible 375% increase in click-through.

An agency tasked with creating email, actually recommends less email? In the case of our client, Sprint? Yes.

Callahan recognized that inbox clutter wasn’t building loyalty, so we adopted a less-is-more plan. We dropped too-frequent messaging for a once-a-month email program called The Works. Visually clean and simple, each email features unique offers and engaging messages via HTML5 embedded video, among other tactics.

Open rates have jumped 10% and Sprint has seen a huge 375% increase in click-through. The Works really works!

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“Callahan has provided strong strategic work and thinking in helping us drive loyalty across an increasingly difficult category.”

Cari Ferrara
Marketing Director, Lifestyle & Loyalty