Spyder tools makes several innovative blade attachments for reciprocating saws and drills. Each tool offers a significant advantage—cleaner cuts, ease of use, or more extreme cutting angles—over their counterparts from established brands like Milwaukee, Lenox and DeWalt. 

Spyder may have started out by successfully gaining the attention of many DIYers, but has recently turned more attention to serious professionals. These plumbers, electricians and contractors all have their favorite tools they’ve relied on for years, and it’s difficult to win their trust with something new.

These videos demonstrate the unique abilities of Spyder tools simply and directly. Instead of making outrageous claims and adding unnecessary hype, we let the tools do most of the talking – showing real pros doing real work gave Spyder the credibility it needed to connect with this crucial segment of users and has earned more floor space at Lowes and other hardware stores.

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These videos helped Spyder connect with professionals and earn more floor space at Lowes.