You tend to only think of your energy company when your lights go out or when you pay your bills, so how could we get customers to think differently and more positively about Westar Energy, the largest energy provider in Kansas? Our strategy focused on showing customers that Westar wasn’t just following the trend of going green—it was leading the way on implementing clean energy.

To bring this to life, we created a series of short films that highlight Westar’s new wind farms, solar energy learning projects and, more importantly, what all this clean energy means for the people on the ground—the real Kansans who Westar serves. The campaign created a 39% increase in customer awareness of Westar’s renewable energy efforts, and generated a 94% positive brand sentiment from customers on Facebook. It earned top honors in the communication category of Chartwell’s 2017 Best Practices Awards and the digital campaign category of the 2017 ESource Utility Ad Awards. Best of all, the campaign got customers thinking about Westar in a new light.

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“I feel like the results of our campaigns, both Imagine Kansas and ReliabiliTree, speak for themselves—that the creative was on-target and on-brand. Of equal value is the partnership we’ve developed.”

Dave Clauson
Westar Energy